The more you know about your vulnerabilities, the more you can strengthen your security. Our professionals are here to provide you with all of the needed expert advice.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We put in focus people, processes and technology to ensure that your organization is in control and your critical assets are protected. We advise how to boost your business performance through identification of most valuable assets, quantifying and managing risk, as well as achieving compliance with standards and legislation.

Assessments and Tests

We can do a comprehensive security review and assessment of your organization’s information security posture. It may include vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of applications, infrastructure, IoT equipment and industrial control systems (ICS), as well as social engineering tests, red and purple teaming, and many others.

Education & Training

We provide customized training from an offensive “know your enemy” perspective. Our training enables hands on knowledge transfer and increased cybersecurity awareness within an organization.

We conduct seminars and workshops on cybersecurity tailored to clients’ needs.

Our services

Services & Solutions

Security Operations Centre, Incident Response, Defense Services

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